Our History


Banner Marketing’s roots run deep in the furniture industry.

Growing up, our founder's family business was furniture. His father owned and operated several stores in Spokane, Washington, and by watching him, Bill learned how to help small retailers market themselves. He knew exactly what was needed to generate sales and stay afloat, and he gave them the marketing tools to compete with larger retailers.

In 1983, Bill, his wife, and a friend from college figured out how to tie national furniture brands to their local retailers through exciting, engaging advertising strategies – and Banner Advertising was born. In 1990, the company was renamed Banner Marketing to better describe its growing suite of services, and moved to Spokane, where it is still headquartered.

Today, led by CEO Steve Nasca and Vice President of Sales and Operations Shirley Griffiths, Banner Marketing has a team of more than 40 employees. Banner is a full service agency that provides an integrated approach to advertising and branding. By combining traditional and new media strategies, the company maintains its commitment to offering cost-effective, targeted, successful marketing solutions that increase store traffic, online presence and sales.

Founded on the principle that the customer always comes first, Banner continues to embrace new technology and evolve with the times to provide the best possible marketing strategies to both manufacturers and retailers nationwide.